Friday, February 29, 2008

How Red Can You Go?

Hopefully this is the most embarrassing thing that happens to me today....It all started as I was walking out of my last class on a Friday afternoon. I thought to myself, man I would really love a treaty type drink right now. So I wondered into Cafe Ibis, which is this small little coffee shop on campus, and ordered my usual lavender Italian cream soda. The kid behind the counter seemed friendly. As he mixed my drink we started having a fun little conversation. I unzipped my back pack and reached for my wallet to, as normal people do, pay for my purchase. So, maybe I'm not good at keeping track of things. Maybe I never found my wallet. Maybe the kid thought I was trying a very strange new flirting technique. Maybe some of you can imagine how red my face was. Luckily the kid was nice enough to make a few jokes about it...I am pretty sure he could tell how embarrassed I was. I promised to bring the money by on Monday...let's all hope I don't forget.


Cayle said...

Flirting can get you a lot of things in life.

Hasen-Bible Magic Bones said...

Oh please, that old trick? I've seen it a million times.

Ann Marie said...

Free drink AND possibly a new boy! Good thinkin', Holly!