Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The old, the bold.

During the summer time the young move from Logan, and the the old flock to Logan. They are called "summer citizens." These oldies come from all over the country to cool off in Cache Valley for a few months. Anyway, Camie and I were put in charge of taking them on outdoor adventures. Of course I got excited about it and came up with a little name for the club....Golden Adventures. We meet each Wednesday for a hike or canoe adventure. I suppose it is just a lucky coincidence that I happen to absolutely love old people. We went up the Green Canyon single track today, which is in its prime from all the rainy days we have had. We walked up a few miles and back. They all seemed to really enjoy the canyon, none of them had been up there before. We are taking them disc golfing next week, which should be fun considering I am the worst disc golfer I have ever met.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Moab, head and all.

Moab Breakfast

Camie Stucki and Me
Headless Mike...they tried to kill this guy to eat.
Somehow he just kept living...I think it had something
to do with his brain stem. They fed him straight down the
esophagus for 18 months until he accidentally choked on something and died.
Fruita's beautiful claim to fame.

Well, I stayed in Logan this summer. So far, totally awesome. The first week I was gone on a training trip for work. We went to Fruita, Colorado which is famous for not only biking, but also a headless chicken named Mike. We also stayed in Moab for a night on floated down the daily for some river love. I had a good time despite the fact that all the guys that were on the trip are married. You don't get no love if your hanging out with married dudes. However, I had fun getting to know everyone better, especially my girl Camie. The end.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Here she is, my puppy, Brights. She is actually not a puppy at all. She is almost 12 years old. That is 84 in dog world. 84! She still enjoys walks, but not runs. Right now she lives with me in Logan town. I got her shaved for summer. So dang cute and good and nice and old.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

onesie for all

This is Van Hackett, the happiest kid I've ever seen. This onesie was a little bit of an experiment. I am trying to make new things to sell at the Farmers' markets. I am still working out a few minor details. If you have any special request let me know. I'll make it, and you can buy it from me. Thanks to Zack and Kim for the cute photos and the cute kid.

P.S. Holly loves Van