Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 117

Broken little girl.
That's me.
Trying so hard.
Wanting so badly.
Learning to walk with my
Great Grand Dad's help.
This was his cane.
I never met him.
Now he helps me everyday.
Thanks Harry

Day 98

Boyfriend pushes Brights and me to a large open grass field. I get stuck and he takes so many pictures that I try to escape. No chance in that happening. The pictures continue, Brights joins in. Eventually we make it home. I almost get hit by a car. But in the end, everybody wins. Fun Day.

Day 92

This is that weird time when you go back to the hospital because your bone didn't heal. Now you get to have surgery. We're talking big kid stuff. They take you in, knock you out, give you a new leg and, you're healed! Well kinda. In another month or so. I look so happy. joke.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tunny Falk

Okay, okay, so have you ever heard of a spoonerism? It is when you flip the first letters of two words. If you want to hear one get me excited and talking fast. It seems I slip spoonerisms in here and there on accident. My best one however, was tonight when I tried to say, "she is by far the smartest one." instead I sputtered out, "she is by sar the fartest one." 
Fartest?  whoops.