Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hat Sale...

This is a little experiment. I am going to post a new hat every couple of days. If you like it, you can buy it. Call me or email me and let me know you want it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here it comes...Hat Season

Hey's November. You know what that means? It is time for hats! Small hats, big hats, boy hats, girl hats, whatever you want. Email or call me with an order and I will be happy to make it for you. My email is

Baby hats: $15.00
Regular: $22.00
Custom: $25.00

These are the basic prices. Every now and then the price may change a little bit depending on the yarn and fabric used. I posted these pictures to give you an idea of what my hats look like. Applique, bills, bobbles, stitch design, buttons, multiple color....Thanks and enjoy...

way back when...

I just found this picture on my parent's computer and it made me laugh. this is for you Jess...and Cami, and Elliot. They think they fired me. Apparently I fired them.

want a closer look?...