Saturday, October 31, 2009

caps for sale

the first cold snap of the year; my hands, they just start workin.
fingers stiff, and getting thinner, basically i crochet all winter.
around, down, grab, and pull it through.
repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.....
how could i resist with all these pretty ladies i just picked up
at Blazing Needles?

in the next few days i should have some fine little hats.
i'll post the final projects later this week.
today i went around to some boutiques. they want in!

Monday, October 26, 2009

amour doux. musique. film.

old news, i know. but i can just never get enough of this one.
un petite treat for your eyes and ears. the end of this film, Amelie, in my opinion is possibly the sweetest little love scene. shy. i love when they are riding around on that little moto and she smells his sweater and closes her eyes.

she found it.

a shy, kind, beautiful girl sets out to do good in the world. learns to love. and be loved.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rare as a Redhead

i was one of the lucky ones.
born with it.
red stuff sittin' up there on top of my head.
wavin' and grabin'.
teasin' and pleasin'.
it's hard to get, but easy to have.
you love it, you hate it.
they want it, i got it.

thanks to audrey georgia hackett.

i know 10 redheads.
that is including Brights.
how many can you think of?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

But Not Right Now.

Oh me oh my oh, look at Miss Ohio
She's a-running around with her rag-top down
She says I wanna do right, but not right now

Gonna drive to Atlanta and live out this fantasy
Running around with her rag-top down
Yeah I wanna do right but not right now

Had your arm around her shoulder, a regimental soldier
An' mamma starts pushing that wedding gown
She says I wanna do right but not right now

I know all about it, so you don't have to shout it
I'm gonna straighten it out somehow
Yeah, I wanna do right, but not right now

Oh me oh my oh, look at Miss Ohio
she's a-runnin around with her rag-top down
She said I wanna do right but not right now
Oh I wanna do right, but not right now

Gillian Welch
David Rawlings

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mon Bon Ami, Pour la Couture. Je Veux un.

Does anyone even know where I could find an inexpensive sewing table? You know, the kind that are actual sewing this? You might be thinking, "um...Holly, that is too small for sewing." Well...tricked you. Unless you sew, then you already knew about this secret...
What a little dream. The sewing machine and the table, all flush like that. Wouldn't it be nice? I have a sewing machine, I just dream of a sewing table, you know, to make things easier. So, if you see one at the D.I., or somewhere like that, it would be great if you called me and let me in on the little jewel.
p.s. cheap for me is under $50.00. i know. i'm cheap.
Merci, Mon Bon Ami.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Buckets Of Rain

By Barbara Kingsolver
Southern grit moves west and pulls down a deep drawn breath of dry desert love. In this quick read you'll find thick, heavy issues described and dealt with in such a casual way you might feel as though you are accidentally listening in on neighboring conversation. Life changing situations simply displayed, absorbed, learned from, and loved. Mothers and children with a side dish of men. Needless to say, I enjoyed it.

My favorite part of the novel is when Esteven spills a little South American folklore describing heaven and hell. If you happen to get a hold of this book, it is at the end of chapter seven. He explains a delicious meal, a delicate aroma, and the simple act of selflessness being the only factor which sets the two places apart from one another.
ALSO...if anyone has a copy of Animal Dreams, Pigs in Heaven, or The Poisonwood Bible which are also written by Barbara Kingsolver I would L-O-V-E to get my hands on them for a week or so. Chances are I'll bake you something if you let me borrow one.