Friday, October 17, 2008

breakin' 101

I'm not sure why I've never seen this until today.
Mr. Rogers really is "the groove in your hips." or, wait a second, that kid is the groove in your hips.  Either way, there is groove, and it is most likely in your hips, which Shakira has told us time and time again, cannot lie. Either way I really like breakdancing, Mr. Rogers, and Shakira. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

here it comes...

End of September
First of October
Last Week

I think this is Mt. Superior.
I love living in Utah where, just as you are done with summer and it is time to put away your bike (at least for wusses like me) you get to pull out your skis and watch for snow. Then hope to hell that you can figure out a way to get work off so you can go skiing. And, although I loved living in Logan, and skiing the Beav will always have some sort of, "Fun college life" memory associated with it, I can't wait to be back in S.L.C. by the Cottonwood canyons. way to go snow.

Friday, October 3, 2008

mind of its own

For the past six years, I have driven the same green saab. It has been on countless road trips all around the western United States....not to mention, Mexico...twice. Although I love this car, i will be the first to admit, it has had way beyond its fair share of engine, electircal, who the heck knows, problems. However, for some reason, I never want to get rid of it. Lately it has had an especially interesting issue. Every now and then, let's say one out of every ten times, it just doesn't want to start. I will try four or five times, think to myself, "here we go again" then usually call someone for a ride. I don't worry too much because I know in an hour I will go back to my car, and it will start, as if nothing ever happened. Weird, i know, but that is just how it works.

What I realized I do now a days is, everytime my car does start on the first time, I clap my hands and shout "YES!"
I didn't think anything of it until today when a friend was with me and asked, "Yes what?"
I replied, "My car started...first try!"
her: "oh is something wrong with it?"
me: "it's a saab."

i hope i drive it for the next twenty years.