Monday, October 13, 2008

here it comes...

End of September
First of October
Last Week

I think this is Mt. Superior.
I love living in Utah where, just as you are done with summer and it is time to put away your bike (at least for wusses like me) you get to pull out your skis and watch for snow. Then hope to hell that you can figure out a way to get work off so you can go skiing. And, although I loved living in Logan, and skiing the Beav will always have some sort of, "Fun college life" memory associated with it, I can't wait to be back in S.L.C. by the Cottonwood canyons. way to go snow.


Ann Marie said...

Ceej and I couldn't be more sad to be away from friends and snow!! Now the homesickness is really kicking in!
Hope to visit soon!

WOODSIE said...

WOW WOW WOWZERS!! Girl....did that hoodrat tell you bout our plan for all of our b-days? Yep DANCE PARTY! Cheers to scorpios! Dancing queen get that groove on already!