Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank All Involved

All i can say is, thank anything possible for...

Mom. she feeds me, drives me, runs my errands, takes me to museums, talks with me...basically does everything all at once.
Dads that make it possible for my mom to stay home.
Boyfriend that found me a wheelchair, takes me on walks, reads me books, plays me music, tucks me in.
Friends that come visit, send treats, play games, rock out.
Brothers and Sisters that brighten my day.
I'm one lucky little girl.
Breaking your leg is easier than breaking your heart. Just kidding...joke.
Breaking your leg is mostly lying in bed for a LOT of days and making plans for when you can walk again.
My mom is driving me to St. George, land of the no stair house and my sisters' families. plus less people ski there, so i wont hear the words, "man that was an awesome powder day."
Hope everyone has a fun weekend!
Shed the nar. or ski in the fun sun.
I'll just be hauling around this thing. party.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Apparently this is what sledding at Alta looks like.
I broke my left tibia in half when a friend accidentally nailed me
cruising down Sugurloaf on an extremely slick sled.
Thank you so much to everyone who came to visit me
the last couple of days in the hospital, especially
Hasen who slept there both nights.
I am going to have this huge cast on for four weeks.
After that I get a smaller walking cast for a few more weeks.
Looks like crocheting and reading just completely
replaced skiing this season.

Happy New Year. Think healthy recovery. Thanks.