Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adios 2009. Adios.

Well, whale, wail.
The last day of the year.
Lesson learned:
Breaking your leg is easier than breaking your heart.
But, both get better.
Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year's Eve.
no sledding.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hey Sweet Boy...

If you really want to be happy,
all you have to do is fancy the high traverse.
Dear Greely bowl, let's run away together.
You are so good to me.
I fell in love with Alta once.
it happens every year.
People shouting, hoot and hollering.

We warmed up on a groomer run: Sugarloaf. Scary for me.
Why? That is the last place I stood on my own two feet.
When I skied over the exact spot I broke my leg last year,
I flipped it off. I was wearing mittens though, so it might have
looked like I was just waving, which is probably better anyway.
The good news is, my little leg remembered how to ski.
They opened the high traverse half way through
the day. We skied the backside until
our legs were shaking.
It was so much fun I almost cried.
Here's to a good season for all of us.

Monday, December 7, 2009

hey everybody...

have you ever been so confused
with life you didn't know
which way was up?
i have.
it was during a handstand competition.
it totally freaked me out.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hats, Skis, and Pizza...TRIFECTA!

Still more to come, but here is the start. If you would
like to buy a hat you should go to
Straightline Ski Shop. It is located at 1312 East 200 South
just below the University and next to the Pie.
You know the Pie, that pizza place?
If you want to go get one of those gigantic, oversized
monster pizzas, you should then go next door to the ski shop
where you can have your skis tuned and bindings mounted.
You could also rent skis for that new girlfriend of yours.
Or you could check out the new Bluehouse demos.
It is a cool, little, LOCALLY OWNED shop.
Not to mention, the only store with my adult hats. THEY OPEN FOR THE SEASON ON MONDAY.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

eleven eleven

what a lovely little birthday i had yesterday.
thanks for all the birthday notes, calls, flowers, and food.
citrus grill
eggs in the city
breakfast in bed
and of course, Ruth's Diner
this whole week people just kept taking me out to eat.
most of my favorite restuarants, all in one week. mmm.
please note that everytime we go to Ruth's diner, my grandma still asks about "old Ruthy."
Thanks to everyone for a great 25th!

Monday, November 9, 2009 baby be friends with you.

I recently moved back to the Sugarhood.
Almost forgot how great it is to live with roommates.
Sunday mornings with my skatey and my ladies in the park.
dance parties in the front room.
talk talk talk ourselves to sleep.

love you
ashley and alissa bumm.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

caps for sale

the first cold snap of the year; my hands, they just start workin.
fingers stiff, and getting thinner, basically i crochet all winter.
around, down, grab, and pull it through.
repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.....
how could i resist with all these pretty ladies i just picked up
at Blazing Needles?

in the next few days i should have some fine little hats.
i'll post the final projects later this week.
today i went around to some boutiques. they want in!

Monday, October 26, 2009

amour doux. musique. film.

old news, i know. but i can just never get enough of this one.
un petite treat for your eyes and ears. the end of this film, Amelie, in my opinion is possibly the sweetest little love scene. shy. i love when they are riding around on that little moto and she smells his sweater and closes her eyes.

she found it.

a shy, kind, beautiful girl sets out to do good in the world. learns to love. and be loved.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rare as a Redhead

i was one of the lucky ones.
born with it.
red stuff sittin' up there on top of my head.
wavin' and grabin'.
teasin' and pleasin'.
it's hard to get, but easy to have.
you love it, you hate it.
they want it, i got it.

thanks to audrey georgia hackett.

i know 10 redheads.
that is including Brights.
how many can you think of?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

But Not Right Now.

Oh me oh my oh, look at Miss Ohio
She's a-running around with her rag-top down
She says I wanna do right, but not right now

Gonna drive to Atlanta and live out this fantasy
Running around with her rag-top down
Yeah I wanna do right but not right now

Had your arm around her shoulder, a regimental soldier
An' mamma starts pushing that wedding gown
She says I wanna do right but not right now

I know all about it, so you don't have to shout it
I'm gonna straighten it out somehow
Yeah, I wanna do right, but not right now

Oh me oh my oh, look at Miss Ohio
she's a-runnin around with her rag-top down
She said I wanna do right but not right now
Oh I wanna do right, but not right now

Gillian Welch
David Rawlings

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mon Bon Ami, Pour la Couture. Je Veux un.

Does anyone even know where I could find an inexpensive sewing table? You know, the kind that are actual sewing this? You might be thinking, "um...Holly, that is too small for sewing." Well...tricked you. Unless you sew, then you already knew about this secret...
What a little dream. The sewing machine and the table, all flush like that. Wouldn't it be nice? I have a sewing machine, I just dream of a sewing table, you know, to make things easier. So, if you see one at the D.I., or somewhere like that, it would be great if you called me and let me in on the little jewel.
p.s. cheap for me is under $50.00. i know. i'm cheap.
Merci, Mon Bon Ami.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Buckets Of Rain

By Barbara Kingsolver
Southern grit moves west and pulls down a deep drawn breath of dry desert love. In this quick read you'll find thick, heavy issues described and dealt with in such a casual way you might feel as though you are accidentally listening in on neighboring conversation. Life changing situations simply displayed, absorbed, learned from, and loved. Mothers and children with a side dish of men. Needless to say, I enjoyed it.

My favorite part of the novel is when Esteven spills a little South American folklore describing heaven and hell. If you happen to get a hold of this book, it is at the end of chapter seven. He explains a delicious meal, a delicate aroma, and the simple act of selflessness being the only factor which sets the two places apart from one another.
ALSO...if anyone has a copy of Animal Dreams, Pigs in Heaven, or The Poisonwood Bible which are also written by Barbara Kingsolver I would L-O-V-E to get my hands on them for a week or so. Chances are I'll bake you something if you let me borrow one.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

One thing I know for sure, I love this little boy. His name is Van and he is my nephew. This weekend Kim and Zack are moving to St. George for a new job. Who is this George anyway? Why does he keep taking all of my siblings? I am excited for Zack to have a new job, but I will admit there is a little bit of heart break to see them go. Lucky for me we all went up the tram to Hidden Peak the other day....oh so beautiful. Little Cottonwood, fall colors, family. Thanks Kim for the photos. I'll sure miss you guys.
Also, their condo is for sale. Go here if you know of anyone that might be interested.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Finally. Something I can be proud of. Last week I had this fun little idea. Vintage children clothing. Why had I not thought of it before? It is so obvious. I'm never going to be able to afford those richy shops. So, I started an etsy shop selling vintage children clothing...and my hats too. Every now and then I make one of the dresses or aprons, but you will always know because they are priced as such. Please visit my little shop. There are tons of photos there. I never knew I would like taking photos of clothes so much. Look around, maybe let me know what you think, what i could change or do better. I have more clothing in stock. Tell your friends.
oh and the URL is

Monday, September 21, 2009

Times they are a Changin

this morning when i took brights for a walk, i had to grab a jacket.
a few leaves crackled under our feet as we rounded the block.
then i was reminded, summer is gone.
aw, here she comes again
with her wrinkled face.
blowin through her two front teeth
pullin up the roots.
screamin out the color...
green to gold to red to orange.
holdin in her hands
the COLDEST LOVE we ever know.
her comes Fall, she's makin SNOW.

i sure hope this little leg remembers how to ski.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Shelter From The Storm

I just finished reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It was recommended by Kim, and now I will recommend it to you, and everyone else.

a young girl - an accordion - a world war -
a loving heart - stolen crosswords - Hansi -
a boy with lemon hair - a man with feathers for hair -
words - books -reading- writing - loving of the unloved
all narrated by death

Liesel came out.
They hugged and cried and fell to the floor.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Girl From The North Country

My other Grandma....

On the outskirts of Glacier National Park, almost as far north as this country can hold us, there lies the Daellenbach Clan. Eleven children of Swiss descent raised in the loud, rugged Montana landscape. Pretty dresses, thin cigarettes, late nights, wide rivers. Adventure. Proper women with wild language, quick knitting hands and floral sheets. Photographs, and more photographs. Stories, and more stories. One gunshot. A couple scandals, a lot of dancing.
For the first time in my life I met my mother's side of the story. MONTANA. We visited with Doris, the only Daellenbach left. White hair, full of energy, and very willing to spill the nitty gritty details. I've always loved Montana, now I finally know why.

sisters Doris Gretchen and Ruth

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That's All We Really Want.

Dancer girl falls in love with motorcycle babe.
Together they beat the odds. Enjoy.
This movie basically raised me.

Sorry the audio doesn't work on 5 and 9. If you need to you can call me and I will quote them both word for word.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Brights!

Today is Brighton's 13th birthday. I let her watch youtube for a bit. These were her favorites.
She could probs skatey if she was younger.
No she couldn't.
But she is the best dog in the world and I love her oh so much.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Le Fleur Sont Belle

Yesterday Ash and I went to ALTA.
The wildflowers are in full bloom.
Go there if you haven't already.
hurry. they're not going to last forever.

besides, check this out.
it is a miracle.
i'm healed.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Favorite book, favorite part

My favorite book is East of Eden. I have only read the book twice. However, I have probably read this part at least 20 times. Sometimes I will read it aloud, just to myself, and I admit parts of it are memorized. I am not a nerd. I am not a nerd. It just makes sense. A lot of sense. 
Chapter 13 
   [1]      Sometimes a kind of glory lights up the mind of a man. It happens to nearly everyone. You can feel it growing or preparing like a fuse burning towards dynamite. It is a feeling in the stomach, a delight of the nerves, of the forearms. The skin taste the air, and every deep drawn breath is sweet. Its beginning has the pleasure of a great stretching yawn; it flashes in the brain and the whole world glows outside your eyes. A man may have lived all his life in the gray, and the land and trees of him dark and somber. The events, even the important ones, may have trooped by faceless and pale. And then - the glory - so that a cricket song sweetens his ears, the smell of the earth rises chanting to his nose, and dappling light under the trees blesses his eyes. Then a man pours outward, a torrent of him, and yet he is not diminished. And I guess a man's importance in the world can be measured by the quality and number of his glories. It is a lonely thing but it relates us to the world. It is the mother of all creativeness and it sets each man separate from all other men. 
        I don't know how it will be in the years to come. There are monstrous changes taking place in the world, shaping a future whose face we do not know. Some of these forces seem evil to us, perhaps not in themselves but because their tendency is to eliminate other things we hold good. It is true that two men can lift a bigger stone than one man, and bread from a huge factory is cheaper and more uniform. When our food and clothing and housing all are born in the complication of mass production, mass method is bound to get into our thinking and to eliminate all other thinking. In our time mass or collective production has entered our economics, our politics, and even our religion so that some nations have substituted the idea collective for the idea God. This in my time is the danger. There is a great tension in the world, tension toward a breaking point, and men are unhappy and confused. 
       At such a time it seems natural and good to me to ask myself these questions. What do I believe in? What must I fight for and what must I fight against?
       Our species is the only creative species, and it has the only creative instrument, the individual mind and spirit of a man. There are no good collaborations, whether in music, in art, in poetry, in mathematics, in philosophy. Once the miracle of creation has taken place, the group can build and extend it, but the group never invents anything. The preciousness lies in the lonely mind of a man. 
       And now the forces marshaled around the concept of the group have declared a war of extermination on that preciousness, the mind of man. By disparagement, by starvation, by repressions, by forced direction, and the stunning hammerblows of conditioning, the free, roving mind is being pursued, roped, blunted, drugged. It is a sad suicidal course our species seems to have taken. 
      And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world. And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: any idea or government which limits or destroys the individual. This is what I am and what I am about. I can understand why a system built on a pattern must try to destroy the free mind, for that is the one thing which can by inspection destroy such a system. Surely I can understand this, and I hate it and I will fight against it to preserve the one thing that separates us from the uncreative beasts. If the glory can be killed, we are lost.  
                                                                         John Steinbeck

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Real Quick...

Lucky for me I was in Salt Lake this weekend. We jam packed the day: Farmers' Market, Millcreek Canyon, walk with Brights, lunch with Grandma Audrey, Arts Festival con Mo. I love Salt Lake City! cute cute family Kim Zack and Vanny!

Last week with a closed gate up Millcreek

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lily Shop Catering

Hey, i can cook. Do you know anything about starting business?  combine us=catering business. I am for real about this idea. I figure we will start small, maybe stay small. Make money while doing some of my favorite things: growing food, cooking food, planning party stuff, making food look pretty, and getting paid to feed people real food. I already have quite a few holy moly recipes ready. If anyone is looking to help a girl out on her first run, I would for real love to cater any event you might have approaching this summer or fall. We talk and decide any detail things. It is an awesome alternative to an actual catering business...just because it is.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 117

Broken little girl.
That's me.
Trying so hard.
Wanting so badly.
Learning to walk with my
Great Grand Dad's help.
This was his cane.
I never met him.
Now he helps me everyday.
Thanks Harry

Day 98

Boyfriend pushes Brights and me to a large open grass field. I get stuck and he takes so many pictures that I try to escape. No chance in that happening. The pictures continue, Brights joins in. Eventually we make it home. I almost get hit by a car. But in the end, everybody wins. Fun Day.

Day 92

This is that weird time when you go back to the hospital because your bone didn't heal. Now you get to have surgery. We're talking big kid stuff. They take you in, knock you out, give you a new leg and, you're healed! Well kinda. In another month or so. I look so happy. joke.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tunny Falk

Okay, okay, so have you ever heard of a spoonerism? It is when you flip the first letters of two words. If you want to hear one get me excited and talking fast. It seems I slip spoonerisms in here and there on accident. My best one however, was tonight when I tried to say, "she is by far the smartest one." instead I sputtered out, "she is by sar the fartest one." 
Fartest?  whoops.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hoodrat Adventures

If I remember correctly, it was the 30th of December. What a day. That was the last time I visited L-O-G-A-N. The day was bright and sunny. I had a list of things I wanted to do when visiting logan. Of course, first was to  hang out with Hoodrat. That's Jess. Second was to take care of some personal business. By personal business I mean return a couch to its rightful owner. How would we do this? We didn't have a truck, car, or dogsled. So, we did what any stronger than you think girls would do. We started carrying that dang thing towards the two mile away destination. Our goal was to carry the couch all the way, which would include the treacherous 8th North hill. Yeah right. Every 20 yards we had to take a break. Lucky for us it was a Tuesday. Garbage day. When the garbage man saw us slowly making our way up the street, he stopped and asked if there was anything he could do. Has anyone ever talked to their garbage man before? You should they're awesome. 
When we explained our situation to him, he lowered the mighty claw. We hooked the couch on and started running alongside. He told us this would take too long and insisted we jumped up front with him. He opened the door and we climbed up and snuggled in. There we were. Moving a couch, hitchhiking, and having quite a wonderful conversation with our garbage man. Yet another reason I love Logan.   

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I call them "puppy dreams." Every now and then Brights will have them. She usually just moves her paws a little. Anyway, Hasen showed me this video. I kept watching it over and over again, laughing harder and harder. Hope you like it as much as I did.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

for real

I tripped on my crutches and broke my toe. 

Monday, February 16, 2009


Valentine, My.

Monday, February 2, 2009


For Sale

  I got a new green cast! Cool. I am also trying to sell this coat. I put it on Craig's list, but i thought maybe more girls, and boys buying for girls would see it here. 
  It is a Patagonia Rubicon Rider women's size small. It is actually a really sweet coat. I ordered it through a friend and when it came, it was a little too big. I can't return it because we got a deal on it. Which is why I am willing to sell it to you for a deal. It retails from Patagonia at $250.00. I realize no one really ever pays full price for outdoor gear around here. That is why it will only cost whomever decides to buy it $150.00, and to be honest, I am not way firm on that price. That is $100 off, so basically you would be getting a pro-form deal. 

not for sale