Friday, September 25, 2009


Finally. Something I can be proud of. Last week I had this fun little idea. Vintage children clothing. Why had I not thought of it before? It is so obvious. I'm never going to be able to afford those richy shops. So, I started an etsy shop selling vintage children clothing...and my hats too. Every now and then I make one of the dresses or aprons, but you will always know because they are priced as such. Please visit my little shop. There are tons of photos there. I never knew I would like taking photos of clothes so much. Look around, maybe let me know what you think, what i could change or do better. I have more clothing in stock. Tell your friends.
oh and the URL is


Kim said...

yay! Good job Holly it looks so GOOD!

Ann Marie said...

hip, hip! soooo cute!

Netti said...

Man, these are some DARLING baby clothes. That lovely love birds sweater, sigh. Melted my heart. I can just picture a chubby little girl in it and it makes me oh so happy.

I'm so glad you created an etsy shoppe. I think it looks fantastic!