Monday, September 21, 2009

Times they are a Changin

this morning when i took brights for a walk, i had to grab a jacket.
a few leaves crackled under our feet as we rounded the block.
then i was reminded, summer is gone.
aw, here she comes again
with her wrinkled face.
blowin through her two front teeth
pullin up the roots.
screamin out the color...
green to gold to red to orange.
holdin in her hands
the COLDEST LOVE we ever know.
her comes Fall, she's makin SNOW.

i sure hope this little leg remembers how to ski.


kasscho said...

Holly J.!!! Did you write that Fall Poem? It's awesome..."blowin through her two front teeth."! Taker easy on that leg now, yahear?

Ann Marie said...

so pretty, holly! love the poem so much!
jealous of your fall leaves and sweater's gonna be 97 degrees here today!