Thursday, November 12, 2009

eleven eleven

what a lovely little birthday i had yesterday.
thanks for all the birthday notes, calls, flowers, and food.
citrus grill
eggs in the city
breakfast in bed
and of course, Ruth's Diner
this whole week people just kept taking me out to eat.
most of my favorite restuarants, all in one week. mmm.
please note that everytime we go to Ruth's diner, my grandma still asks about "old Ruthy."
Thanks to everyone for a great 25th!


Netti said...

Man, I love Settebello so much. I'm glad you had such a happy birthday! Wish we could've been healthy and celebrated with you last night!

Jabs and Cecil said...

Happy you had a great birthday day! Not happy you never called me back! Whats new with Jolly Ho?

wort said...
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holly jo said...

i want to call you back. i love you! i'll call you tomorrows.