Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hats, Skis, and Pizza...TRIFECTA!

Still more to come, but here is the start. If you would
like to buy a hat you should go to
Straightline Ski Shop. It is located at 1312 East 200 South
just below the University and next to the Pie.
You know the Pie, that pizza place?
If you want to go get one of those gigantic, oversized
monster pizzas, you should then go next door to the ski shop
where you can have your skis tuned and bindings mounted.
You could also rent skis for that new girlfriend of yours.
Or you could check out the new Bluehouse demos.
It is a cool, little, LOCALLY OWNED shop.
Not to mention, the only store with my adult hats. THEY OPEN FOR THE SEASON ON MONDAY.

1 comment:

jenichild said...

That's so cool that your hats are being carried by a store! I'd totally stop by if I lived in Utah. Congrats!