Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lily Shop Catering

Hey, i can cook. Do you know anything about starting business?  combine us=catering business. I am for real about this idea. I figure we will start small, maybe stay small. Make money while doing some of my favorite things: growing food, cooking food, planning party stuff, making food look pretty, and getting paid to feed people real food. I already have quite a few holy moly recipes ready. If anyone is looking to help a girl out on her first run, I would for real love to cater any event you might have approaching this summer or fall. We talk and decide any detail things. It is an awesome alternative to an actual catering business...just because it is.


Ann Marie said...

wish i lived here! i'd totally do it with you!

(but, in the mean time, i'll be getting back to you on our other top-secret business!)

Lindsey P said...

i wish that i 1: had an event for you to cater, or 2: had money to pay you! i bet your food is real yummy.