Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hey Sweet Boy...

If you really want to be happy,
all you have to do is fancy the high traverse.
Dear Greely bowl, let's run away together.
You are so good to me.
I fell in love with Alta once.
it happens every year.
People shouting, hoot and hollering.

We warmed up on a groomer run: Sugarloaf. Scary for me.
Why? That is the last place I stood on my own two feet.
When I skied over the exact spot I broke my leg last year,
I flipped it off. I was wearing mittens though, so it might have
looked like I was just waving, which is probably better anyway.
The good news is, my little leg remembered how to ski.
They opened the high traverse half way through
the day. We skied the backside until
our legs were shaking.
It was so much fun I almost cried.
Here's to a good season for all of us.


Ann Marie said...

hip, hip hooray! you're back to the slopes!

Elizabeth said...

You can run away with Greeley bowl if I get the backside. deal?