Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rare as a Redhead

i was one of the lucky ones.
born with it.
red stuff sittin' up there on top of my head.
wavin' and grabin'.
teasin' and pleasin'.
it's hard to get, but easy to have.
you love it, you hate it.
they want it, i got it.

thanks to audrey georgia hackett.

i know 10 redheads.
that is including Brights.
how many can you think of?


Netti said...

I do believe I know 6 red heads. LOVE your cute little poem. Love your pretty red hair!

Jesse said...

Jeanette just remembered that she knows two more red heads. I only know one that matters.

holly jo said...

and that is why i love both of you. thanks for tag teaming comment leaving. you really are perfect for each other.

Ann Marie said...

i'm pretty sure i count as a red-head...auburn might be more appropriate. my nephew has a bit of red...strawberry blonde. i used to work with a very very red head.

and of course, i know the best red-head around...hjh!

Netti said...

Holly...I hope you still love us even though we couldn't come carve pumpkins.:( We'll make it up to you....somehow, some way.