Sunday, October 11, 2009

Buckets Of Rain

By Barbara Kingsolver
Southern grit moves west and pulls down a deep drawn breath of dry desert love. In this quick read you'll find thick, heavy issues described and dealt with in such a casual way you might feel as though you are accidentally listening in on neighboring conversation. Life changing situations simply displayed, absorbed, learned from, and loved. Mothers and children with a side dish of men. Needless to say, I enjoyed it.

My favorite part of the novel is when Esteven spills a little South American folklore describing heaven and hell. If you happen to get a hold of this book, it is at the end of chapter seven. He explains a delicious meal, a delicate aroma, and the simple act of selflessness being the only factor which sets the two places apart from one another.
ALSO...if anyone has a copy of Animal Dreams, Pigs in Heaven, or The Poisonwood Bible which are also written by Barbara Kingsolver I would L-O-V-E to get my hands on them for a week or so. Chances are I'll bake you something if you let me borrow one.

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Ann Marie said...

love barbara kingsolver! i haven't read this one yet...someday though.

how was the river trip? can't wait to hear about it!