Friday, April 17, 2009

Tunny Falk

Okay, okay, so have you ever heard of a spoonerism? It is when you flip the first letters of two words. If you want to hear one get me excited and talking fast. It seems I slip spoonerisms in here and there on accident. My best one however, was tonight when I tried to say, "she is by far the smartest one." instead I sputtered out, "she is by sar the fartest one." 
Fartest?  whoops.


Ann Marie said...

nice one, holly jo!

AND, you totally could have joined us...there's a beautiful river right behind our apartment, and we could have spent our day together lazily reading and eating yummy things.

So sorry about your leg operation. Sounds really crappy. Really hoping for your speedy recovery!

(p.s. i'll give Hasen a kiss for you per your suggetion!)

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