Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That's All We Really Want.

Dancer girl falls in love with motorcycle babe.
Together they beat the odds. Enjoy.
This movie basically raised me.

Sorry the audio doesn't work on 5 and 9. If you need to you can call me and I will quote them both word for word.


kasscho said...

Are you kidding me?!! I LOVE this movie! SJ Parker at her best. And Helen Hunt - so fun. Did you notice that her ankles seem to be thicker in this movie than in any of her later ones? I wonder if she had lipo?? Holly Jo, I love your blog - even if I am 3 times your age.

Your Mom's old fuddy duddy friend, Kathy.

kasscho said...

Thanks for letting me know my blog won't accept comments. Hopefully, I've fixed the settings.

"Velcro. Next to the Walkman and Tab, it is the coolest invention of the 20th century."

Ann Marie said...

unfortunately, this reminds me of an awkward stage in my life. i prefer to stay far, far away!

but i'm glad you like it. i think if i hadn't have been so awkward i too would love it.