Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank All Involved

All i can say is, thank anything possible for...

Mom. she feeds me, drives me, runs my errands, takes me to museums, talks with me...basically does everything all at once.
Dads that make it possible for my mom to stay home.
Boyfriend that found me a wheelchair, takes me on walks, reads me books, plays me music, tucks me in.
Friends that come visit, send treats, play games, rock out.
Brothers and Sisters that brighten my day.
I'm one lucky little girl.
Breaking your leg is easier than breaking your heart. Just kidding...joke.
Breaking your leg is mostly lying in bed for a LOT of days and making plans for when you can walk again.
My mom is driving me to St. George, land of the no stair house and my sisters' families. plus less people ski there, so i wont hear the words, "man that was an awesome powder day."
Hope everyone has a fun weekend!
Shed the nar. or ski in the fun sun.
I'll just be hauling around this thing. party.


a. ruth said...

Love this post. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm out and about until april. When I get back, we're hanging out no matter the condition of your leg. I know some great activities for wheelchairs. lagoon? no lines.

Jabs and Cecil said...

So you went with black... I dig it! St. George sound fun! Only 5 short hours from Loma Linda!

Dave & Alisha said...

I hope your doing good it sounds like you have a lot of support around you:)have fun in (im way jealous I would love to go there where it is warm)get well soon love and miss you girl!!

Nanette said...

Holly! I found your blog off Emily's. I am SO sorry about your leg. I swear, there are few things crappier than being injured. You really don't appreciate all the amazing things your body does, until it breaks! I hope you recover quickly!!

The Powells said...

holly jo that sorry!! hang in there and good think you have such a great mom to take care of you!!