Friday, May 16, 2008

Moab, head and all.

Moab Breakfast

Camie Stucki and Me
Headless Mike...they tried to kill this guy to eat.
Somehow he just kept living...I think it had something
to do with his brain stem. They fed him straight down the
esophagus for 18 months until he accidentally choked on something and died.
Fruita's beautiful claim to fame.

Well, I stayed in Logan this summer. So far, totally awesome. The first week I was gone on a training trip for work. We went to Fruita, Colorado which is famous for not only biking, but also a headless chicken named Mike. We also stayed in Moab for a night on floated down the daily for some river love. I had a good time despite the fact that all the guys that were on the trip are married. You don't get no love if your hanging out with married dudes. However, I had fun getting to know everyone better, especially my girl Camie. The end.

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Ann Marie said...

Oh, Utah! DO NOT show these photos to Ceej. He might bust out in some serious tears!

love and miss you Holly Jo! We hung out with a Holly this weekend, but she was no Holly Jo.