Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Buy Local First, please.

Each Saturday in the summer Logan's local farmers and artists sell their goodies at Pioneer park, which is located at 100 South 200 East in little old Logan town. This year I hope to once again sell hats, aprons, and bags, with a new addition of baby onesies. My booth probably wont be set up until the second half of the summer, as I will be crocheting and sewing until then. It is definitly one of the highlights of Logan's summers for me. I love all the colors, treats, and people. There is usually a local music group playing, dancing is welcome. If you are in Logan you should check it out, if you want. I also included some photos of Seattle's famous farmers' market, one of my favorites. Hope you have a great day!


Netti said...

I love farmers markets so dang much. You must let me know when you start selling in Logan so that I can come up one Saturday and purchase an apron and/or a hat.

PS. I completely agree about a summer road trip. Let's do it!!

Ann Marie said...

Hooray for local markets! Your booth looks fantastic...too bad I won't be here this summer. Maybe I can put in some orders?