Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The O'Hackett Clan

Happy St.Patrick's Day from two Irish Lasses.
Hope you had a fun day, and laughed off your...
love you grams.
I set out to write some limericks.
Instead, I shook me shimericks.
The lads liked it more,
my woobies got sore.
Now go on and wiggle your wimericks.


Kass said...

Holly Jo - even if I didn't name my dog after you, I love seeing how Irish you are. Is that Audrey? What fun! Love your limerick. I laughed half my bumm off, just 3 more pounds to go.

Ann Marie said...

oh! wish i could have been with you. i think when i'm in town we need to do a st. patrick's do-over.

Netti said...

How did I never comment on this?? If that is your Grandmama in that picture, and even if it's not, I ADORE that sweet ol' gem. I wish I knew her!

And ps. Your limerick made me laugh.