Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear New York,

If I were looking for a boy wearing Carhartts and a t-shirt, where would I find one of those?
They don't seem to be anywhere I have checked so far. Brooklyn maybe? No. West Village? No. New have a lot of exciting things. I just wish you would improve your carhartt-t-shirt-scruffy-face-ski-bum-bike-riding-boy ratio. As far as i can tell, they all moved to Montana, Utah, and Colorado.
I guess that is where they belong. That is also where I belong. But for now, I heart New York.

Anyway, this song has been stuck in my head for days. Just thought I would let it out. thanks woody.

Hope everyone is doing well.
Hope everyone is getting excited for the ski season.

Ski season!


abby jenkins said...

Oh I adore that song!!!

I moved to Vermont ten years ago, trying to find my Carrhart man....only to reconnect with an old friend from home after living there a few years. I moved back, we just celebrated our third anniversary and loving life working side by side in our fairfield county garden, throwing parties in our little 15 foot high "barn". Maine meets Montana but an hour outside of NYC. I'm happy to be back in civilization. Vermont was fun when it snowed but the rest of the time, very isolating.

Love is where you find it...but Brooklyn is probably a good place to start!

Bianca said...

I like that- "love is where you find it". Lots of love in NYC- maybe not Carrhart men walking around everywhere, but you can still find love. Loves! -B

Anonymous said...

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