Sunday, November 14, 2010

true birthday




I turned older the other day. It was a nice day...full of working with my boyfriend Otis, eating French desserts with friends, and even a surprise visitor. It turns out my birthDAY turned into a birthWEEKEND as I ran around the city with this kid....thanks for flying across the country. cute.


Netti said...

That IS cute. Happy belated BIRTHDAY!!! It looks like it was glorious. I'm oh so glad that you were born Miss Holly Jo. (Otis - he's a cutie pie and I pretty much want to munch on his cheeks.)

A Ruth Linford said...

Happy Birthday Holly Jo! Love these pictures.

Online engineering degree said...

Fantastic photos !

Dave and Alisha said...

Glad you had a great birthday! hope you got my wish along with everyone elses on fb.
ps who ever your "suprise visitor" was I agree.. hes cute:)